Are you Above Average?  You might think so, but you’re probably not when it comes to divorce.

Becoming Above Average is not nearly as hard as it sounds.  When it comes to family law matters, you don’t have to have a low percent of body fat, high IQ, big bank account or a lot of letters behind your name to be Above Average.  All you need is a little bit of knowledge and the will to use it. 

In this blog series, I’ve introduced you to Tim and Kathy, a fictional couple who represent the Average Divorce.  They spent more than half their net worth and two and a half years of their lives litigating their divorce.  They depleted their savings, their available credit, and their health.  Their kids went through a traumatic custody evaluation and the family business is facing bankruptcy.  They are the poster couple for the Average Divorce.  If you don’t believe me, just ask around!

So how do you avoid falling into the Average Divorce trap?  How do you become Above Average?  Here are a few ideas:

Know Yourself:  Investing in some therapy will help you know yourself better, learn what your weaknesses are, and understand how to  communicate with your spouse around issues of co-parenting and finances.

Know Your Money:  Engaging an independent divorce financial planner can save you and your spouse hundreds (even thousands) of dollars in legal fees, lost opportunity, and taxes.

Know Your Kids:  Hiring a child specialist to help you understand your children’s developmental needs is less expensive and invasive than a custody evaluation, but can provide valuable insight into what’s best for the kids.

Know Your Attorney:  Choosing an attorney is an important task and should not be left to chance.  Get referrals from friends and colleagues who had the same type of divorce you are seeking.  If your friend had a knock-down, drag-out battle and you’re seeking peaceful resolution, their referral is probably not going to be helpful.  

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