As part of my mission to change the world one divorce at a time, I’ve enthusiastically embraced the concept of blogging in particular and social media in general.  As I begin this journey, I am holding the concept in my mind as an opportunity to share knowledge, enlighten non-lawyers, and inspire other family law professionals to jump on board the Peace Train. There might also be the occasional rant, for which I will apologize in advance because it’s bound to happen, given some of the crazy things that go on in family court.

I welcome your comments and hope we can create a dialogue that sends out the first ripple of change in a very dysfunctional system so that we can develop a sustainable way to serve the real needs of families and children in transition.

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Disclaimer: No matter what I write about, it’s not specifically about you — I’ve worked with literally hundreds of clients, most of them in very similar circumstances, so there may be a familiar ring to my stories. Also, I take poetic license with case stories, weaving in my own experiences with those of my colleagues, so each story will be an amalgamation of different people, situations, and outcomes. No matter what I write about, it’s not legal advice directed at you — in order to provide legal advice, I am ethically bound to determine conflicts, get background information, and gather the facts specific to your case. A blog is not legal advice, so please don’t construe it as such.