Legal Research: Civil Litigation and Family Law Issues (Hourly Fees)

  • Case law;
  • Statutes;
  • Articles and web-based resources;
  • Blue Book Citations;
  • And any other sources relevant to your issue.

Legal Writing: Civil Litigation and Family Law Issues (Hourly Fees)

  • Petitions / Complaints and Responses;
  • Affidavits;
  • Discovery requests, including Non-Uniform Interrogatories and Requests for Admissions;
  • Motions;
  • Pretrial Statements;
  • Settlement Offers;
  • Orders / Decrees / Settlement Agreements;
  • Opening / Closing Statements;
  • Post-judgment Actions.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (Flat Fee Services)

  • QDROs pursuant to divorce or enforcement actions for Family Law Attorneys
  • Rescue My 401(k) Program – click here for more info.


Hourly rates for attorney colleagues are $150 per hour with a .25 hour

Flat fees for QDRO services are dependent upon the type of QDRO requested.
Please contact me for an estimate!