Legal Research: Civil Litigation and Family Law Issues (Hourly Fees)

  • Case law;
  • Statutes;
  • Articles and web-based resources;
  • Blue Book Citations;
  • And any other sources relevant to your issue.

Legal Writing: Civil Litigation and Family Law Issues (Hourly Fees)

  • Petitions / Complaints and Responses;
  • Affidavits;
  • Discovery requests, including Non-Uniform Interrogatories and Requests for Admissions;
  • Motions;
  • Pretrial Statements;
  • Settlement Offers;
  • Orders / Decrees / Settlement Agreements;
  • Opening / Closing Statements;
  • Post-judgment Actions.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (Flat Fee Services)

  • QDROs pursuant to divorce or enforcement actions for Family Law Attorneys


Reasonable hourly rates for attorney colleagues.

Flat fees for QDRO services are dependent upon the type of QDRO requested.
Please contact me for an estimate!