To my dear clients and colleagues, thank you so much!

DonisonLaw has been serving clients throughout Arizona since January 2006, and I have you to thank for our sustained success. Since mid 2022 I no longer work 1:1 with family law clients, instead focusing my skills on research and writing for my  attorney colleagues.

If you’re a former client and need help with something, please call or email and I’ll be happy to assist you myself or with referrals to trusted colleagues.

If you’re a civil litigation or family law attorney, I’m excited to work with you! Click here for more information.


Pamela has assisted my commercial litigation practice with timely and accurate legal research and analysis for a few years now. She is accommodating with her schedule, concise in her work and reasonable in her billing practice. I will continue to use Pamela and would recommend her to anyone.

Loren Molever

Attorney At Law, PLLC, Scottsdale, AZ

Pamela helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life.  I was the primary breadwinner, I’d been offered a job out of state, and my now ex-husband was threatening to take my children.  Pamela was able to negotiate collaboratively, quickly and effectively, so that I was able to move out of state with my children.  When we started, I didn’t know what to expect, and Pamela explained everything clearly.  I had complete confidence in her.  She was in my corner, and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney!  I highly recommend Pamela.  Whatever your situation, Pamela is an excellent navigator!

Minneapolis, MN

Pamela’s expertise was invaluable in helping us with the legal and practical aspects of putting our unique family together in a way that minimized conflict and maximized long-term happiness.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Professional Litigator and Happy Mama, Phoenix, AZ

Divorce is never a preferred solution to any problem. But, when it is the option selected, the staff at Donison Law Firm excels at making the experience professional, personal, and expeditious. My divorce was handled rapidly, thoroughly and professionally with a generous amount of kind caring concern for me. I am exceedingly happy that I selected Pamela and her staff to assist me.

Phoenix, AZ

Pamela and her firm are very committed family lawyers who keep their focus on the clients’ goals and desires, and have the expertise and diligence to see that those goals are met. I recommend Pamela frequently to clients needing a family lawyer, and I have heard only great things back.

Civil Litigation Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

I have recommended Pamela to some of my clients and sought her professional advice for others. Pamela is a unique divorce attorney, whose professional philosophy is best expressed in her motto: “Divorce done differently.” Her focus is on the most prudent and least adversarial resolution of her clients’ problems, with emphasis on what is in the best interest of clients and especially their children, if they have any. In all the capacities in which I know Pamela, she has impressed me as a person of highest professional, moral and ethical standards. Having known Pamela for years, I am honored to count her now also among my friends.

Civil Litigation Attorney, Phoenix, AZ

If you have the chance to work with her, on a client matter, on developing your practice, on improving the world around you….smile, be thankful and be ready to kick it into high. You’re in for a wonderful experience.

Collaborative Attorney, Chicago, IL

I believe she is the best family law attorney in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Pamela is an expert in negotiation and mediation. Her collaborative approach is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to resolve domestic disputes and matters. She is also a highly ethical attorney. There is no better attorney than Pamela to handle sensitive and emotional family law matters, and she always puts the best interests of her clients first.

Business and Tax Attorney, Scottsdale, AZ

Pamela is a professional who combines her intellect and her heart as she passionately strives to help couples “untie the knot.” She exhibits compassion and wisdom as she guides her clients through the divorce process in such a way that everyone exits as whole and healthy as possible. I have referred clients to her with confidence knowing that they will be treated right.

Psychotherapist, Scottsdale, AZ