Pamela J.P. Donison

Integrative Attorney, Mediator, Writer I’m not THAT kind of attorney. You know, the kind on a billboard or late night cable tv, the kind of attorney that promises to be your junkyard dog.  That method might be okay for some things, but it doesn’t work very well for families.  I know from years of seeing the fallout of high-conflict breakups that families can – and should – solve their problems in a way that preserves family relationships, anticipates the future, and creates a safety net for all the “what ifs” that keep you up at night. When a life event happens, I want to be there to help you plan ahead, make smart choices, and hit the pillow knowing that your legal issues are taken care of. The thing about families is that we all come from one. Even though our histories might be very different, most of us have had to shoulder life’s sorrows, including divorce, illness, and death. Like some of you, I am in a long term second marriage and blended family, where we count ourselves fortunate to have shared many moments of joy, and are humbled by our own family tragedies and pain.
  I look at life’s twists and turns and wonder: how can I make it better, simpler, less painful, more transformative, and less expensive for everyone? That’s what drives me to do my best work, talk to you about important issues, help you plan for your very best outcomes, and guide you in creating the legacy you intend for your family. After a career in journalism and publishing, I attended the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, graduating in 1999.  Since then, I have been practicing law, including three years in complex civil litigation and the remainder in family law.  I have been trained in and practicing mediation since 2002 and have been a Collaborative Divorce practitioner since 2005.  I have written, presented, and taught on the topics of family law, mediation, and collaborative practice since 2003. My husband and I have a grown daughter who works and lives with our son-in-law in Vancouver, BC.  We spend time between Arizona and British Columbia with Camp Dog, a rescue mutt who loves to roam.  In addition to being published in three legal anthologies, I co-founded UnBound Writers, I write mystery fiction, and mentor other professional women writers.

The Firm

We do things a little differently around here. Founded in 2006, the soul of the firm has always been about resolving disputes peacefully, economically, and ethically, while avoiding Court whenever possible.  And it’s almost always possible. In 2015, Pamela experimented with working remotely in response to a longer-than-optimal commute, not to mention the stress, cost, and environmental impact of driving every day.  She still commuted for meetings and Court appearances, but otherwise worked from her home office. In 2017, we polled our clients about whether eliminating the commute to our offices for routine meetings would be helpful.  The overwhelming response was YES.  Our clients are busy professionals and business owners, many with young children, and they know the value of time.  So many clients responded positively that we had to rethink the whole idea of what a “law office” looks like. We’re not the first firm to move our services out of the “bricks and mortar” model, but we are certainly one of the first and we’ve found that it works amazingly well for our clients.  As a result, in what has to be a first for attorneys, we reduced our billing rates by a whopping 20% to reflect the savings in overhead, making our services even more affordable. Click here for more information about our services.

The Team

While it may look like Pamela is a team of one, there are actually a lot of people behind the scenes that help things happen efficiently. Offices:  We office with Regus, who has been providing us with awesome meeting spaces since 2015.  When in-person is the only way to go, we can meet in a place convenient to you throughout the Phoenix metro area. Reception: We have an awesome team of pros who answer our phones and your questions!  They will help you schedule an appointment, direct you to helpful information on our website, and generally make everything easier. Notary / Courier Service:  How wonderful that we have a lickety-split team who will drive right to your house, notarize your documents, and deliver them to the Court.  For many of our clients, this service is included in your fees. Paralegal / Research Assistant:  We’ve had a top notch Research Assistant as part of our team for several years and have recently added a virtual legal assistant for certain tasks.  We are so pleased to have a great team of professionals who help out when needed, saving us all time and money. Litigation:  If you absolutely, positively HAVE to go to Court on your family law matter, we have a network of experienced, reliable, and reasonable attorneys to step in and help out. Financial:  In many family cases, it makes sense to develop a customized plan for allocating assets and debts, determine child support or spousal maintenance amounts, value a community business, and budget for buyouts or college.  If that is your situation, we work as a team with our experienced colleagues such as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and/or business valuation professionals. Bankruptcy:  Sometimes, it makes good financial sense to explore bankruptcy in conjunction with divorce or legal separation.  When that is the situation, we work closely with bankruptcy counsel to ensure that the process flows smoothly and in your best financial interests.